Saturday, April 19, 2008

WTF?????? For Josie!

Are you looking for a new project to knit? Well I am. I am looking for something completely different and I think I just may have found it. In fact, I have found a few!

I didn't quite have enough red yarn for this one, but if I did, I could knit myself a new car, like this lady did. I wonder if it is good on gas?

Smaller bits of red yarn, or perhaps some red scraps left from the knitted car, might be well used for making a devil doll:
I am pretty darn frugal, so I would save those last few inch-long red scraps to make a tassel for my next chicken hat. How about you?
And in case your yarn stash is lacking in the red department, and you find yourself with 45 skeins of bare white wool that you purchased from Knitpicks when you thought perhaps you would take up dyeing, I even have a project for you! How about using it to knit your man an eye-free, mixed-up pom pom crazy bunny suit? Will you just look at that pom pom placement??? Let me tell you, every man in MY life is getting one of these suits for Christmas!

(Scurrying off to cast on....)

1 comment:

Josie said...

Thank you :) That is very funny! Rich can't wait for his bunny suit.