Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Vacation, Part 2

We went to Disney World Hollywood Studios on our second week of vacation. I love Disney World, but this park was not one of my favorites. The day we went was overcast in the morning and rained all afternoon. Here is a welcoming topiary of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
This shop is one of the first ones you see after entering the park. I loved the truck!

We went on the Star Wars ride, which felt like you were being hurtled through space at light speed, narrowly missing asteroids and planets, visible through the big windshield.
Here is Gary inside the building, in line for the ride. R2D2 is behind him.

I didn't go on the "thrill rides" at the park, mostly because I don't like to go on them alone. I almost had Gary talked into going on the Aerosmith Rock 'N Roller Coaster, but we had to run to make it across the park in time for a show!
The other great ride is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, I am still kicking myself for not going on. I get worried about aggravating an old whiplash injury I had from a roller coaster in the 80's. I have to be very careful of my neck. But darn it all if one of my kids had been with me I would have gone on with them! We saw the Muppet Show in 3D. You had to wear 3D glasses and got to see the little flying guy flit right into your face! He said "Everyone here thinks I am looking at them, but I am only looking at YOU!" and pointed his finger in my face and made me jump. I enjoyed that a lot. It was a very funny show. Here is the water fountain in front of the building. I love it.

We also saw a stunt show featuring scenes from Indiana Jones movies. They pulled some people out of the audience to feature in the show, Gary and I did not volunteer! Here is a pic of Indy outrunning the famous giant rock: (oops, looks like he ran right out of the picture...)

When the rain started really coming down, we ducked into the covered arena to catch a show. I was soaked to the skin and shaking all over. I was as cold as I was back home! Why couldn't we have had a sunny day? I guess if we had, there would have been longer lines everywhere. Anyway, we saw the wonderful show "Beauty and the Beast". Really, no one can put on a show quite like Disney. The costumes, the lights, the colors, the singers, the dancers, all were fanastic. I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the Finding Nemo show last year at Animal Kingdom. Here is a picture of the dance finale.

The car stunt show was supposed to be great, but we only got to see half of it because the rain got too heavy for the drivers. We did see Herbie the Love Bug and a lot of backward driving tricks.

The American Idol TV show was holding auditions that day, and I saw a girl with a "contestant" sign around her neck in the ladies room. Gary said I should try out, and I said "What would I do, knit for them?" And we had a long laugh... This is the building.

All in all, with the cancelled shows and parades I did not feel that this park was worth the $75 admission fee. I'll go back to the Magic Kingdom again and again from here on in... it is my favorite!
The rest of our vacation and the long ride home was fairly uneventful. I did get to America's largest Yarn Store (yay) in Northhampton Massachusetts, we finally found it open! Of course I bought only sock yarns, sigh.
On Valentines Day I got a dozen roses from Jess, Jed and Jacque. They are just beautiful! Gary gave me an orchid and took me to our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

I had quite a bit of free knitting time while Gary drove us home from Florida. I finished my pair of Vortical Socks and got a lot of knitting done on my pair of Baroque Socks too! Here are the Vorticals:
The yarn is my own hand-dyed, I call it Raspberry Truffle. The pattern worked up pretty quickly, but the Baroque pattern is proving to be more challenging. I shall have it finished soon though! That's all for now!

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