Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Do Believe, I Do Believe, I Do I Do I Do!

I am reading the book "Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston. I got this book because we have a lot of clutter and I would like to clean up a bit. I don't know what Feng Shui is. The book could have been called Clear Your Clutter with Mumbo Jumbo and I still would have gotten it, because I have clutter. I didn't really believe that Feng Shui would help us. When I read the chapter about putting up with broken or second rate appliances, this is what she said: "Things which need fixing are an energy drain. Every time you see the object which needs fixing, your energy level drops." And in another section: "Don't put up with giving yourself second best. When you nourish yourself by giving yourself the best you can, that signal goes out and will attract the best in other areas of your life too."

And then, in a most serendipitous turn of events, Gary did our taxes and found that the amount we would be getting back was exactly the price of the refrigerator we had seen and wanted to purchase. And so we did. We were quite the joke of the neighborhood when the Lowe's truck backed into our yard (Gary works at Home Depot), and two very nice men brought in the new fridge. And then they moved the 16 year old behemoth that served us well while raising our 6 children onto the front porch where we will put a for sale sign on it. Well now, let me tell you... After living with the broken ice-through the door fridge for about 2 years, (yes, we looked into repairing it, very expensive and parts are hard to locate for such an old fridge), getting my first few cubes through the door was almost cathartic. I felt a surge of energy flow through me that I had't felt in months. It was more than ice. It was my chi becoming unblocked. The energy flow had been returned to me and to my home.
Since the fridge arrived, I have had a severe case of finish-itis. Knitters can tell you about start-itis, so can quilters. It is where you just keep starting new projects and never getting anywhere with them. Something else is always newer and more interesting. But finish-itis? It is almost unheard of.

First I finished my Ice Queen scarf. See?
I made it from Karabella laceweight mohair yarn on size 5 needles. Here is a picture of me wearing it:
Can you see the glass beads sparkling here and there? And the ice crystals falling from the sky while I wear my Ice Queen scarf? Awesome!

Then, I finished my Dashing fingerless gloves. When I first heard about fingerless gloves, I thought it a ridiculous notion. Certainly nothing a Mainer could use, our fingers would freeze and fall off! I was wrong though, and I am finding them incredibly useful. No more hauling off the thick mittens to count change at a cash register, I can use my camera outside, and best of all, I can knit in a cold car! And as for the warmth, I find them adequate.
See how lovely?

Look at the detail of the lovely cables crossing my wrists.

I would show them both to you but I need one hand to hold the camera. ;>) I made these from a Rowan Merino/Silk blend yarn. I bought two balls, and used about 1 and a half. So guess what I did with the other half?

I used it to finish this project from H-E-double toothpicks:

Yes, the downtrodden mobius scarf! I was determined not to buy any more yarn to finish it and I didn't! And I think I can almost say that I frogged this piece more times than I knit it! I am SO HAPPY that this is finished and I can wear it before the winter is finished with us! Speaking of which, look what happened today...
Another Maine blizzard, unbelieveable! Gary was having trouble with his sciatica so he didn't go to work, we made a big fire in the cookstove and made corn chowder and oatmeal cookies. It was a pleasure wearing my silk gloves out to the woodshed. Who would have thought an $8 ball of wool could make me feel like a princess?

And one more FO (Finished Object):

My Firestarter socks!!! I love them so much I am going to show them to you again:
I am happy to say that I found no knots in the Noro sock yarn and they are softer after washing. I am wearing them now and my feet are delighted with them.

Gary has been affected by the new found energy too, he has replaced the broken handle on the recliner couch (now resting comfortably in my studio since being replaced by the Queen's loveseat) and repaired some broken picture frames. He was rather embarrassed though at the grocery store the other night when a lady he works with shouted out "Hey Gary! Was that a Lowe's truck I saw in your yard the other night?" He'll never live it down.

Anyway... Feng Shui. I do believe, I do believe, I do I do I do......

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