Friday, June 27, 2008

Oops, I forgot to blog..............

Sometimes weeks go by and I forget that I have a blog at all, and that I should be adding to it. I was really hoping my next post would be to show off the finished living room, or showing off a wonderful project I have knitted with my hand-dyed wool, but unfortunately, both of those posts will not appear for a while yet. We are getting closer to moving back into the living room though!

So to entertain you in the meantime I went surfing the web looking for some fun new knitting projects. I'm telling you, you won't believe some of the knits I have found this time! First of all, the "Goth girl" knitting website, has dedicated an entire issue to none other than................... bacon. Yes, bacon. Knitted bacon, bacon ornaments, a bacon bookmark, bacon jewelry, an Ode to Bacon, a scarf called "Vegan Wrapped in Bacon", even a bacon tiara. But best of all, BACON FUDGE! Yum! I don't want to knit bacon though. I'm saving all of my brown yarns to knit this attractive laptop to head cozy. I'll really be able to forget the rest of the world as I cruise the net with this baby! Don't you just wonder what website she is checking out under there? "Mmmph, really Mom, I'm doing my homework! Spit, sputter..."
How about a baked chicken hat? I guess she ran out of golden brown yarn, this knitter used pink. Is it a knitted naked chicken hat? And can you say that 10 times fast? I could get some of that novelty "fur" yarn in pink and make this attractive pink bra with attached baby doll heads. But only if I can have the wig she is wearing too......... I love it!

Last time I showed you the red knitted car, well this time I have found a pink knitted motorcycle! Isn't it pretty?
And lastly I found a pattern for a knitted toolbelt. I am planning to knit this for all the handymen in my life: Gary, Richard, Jed and Rudy! Comes complete with knitted tools! I wonder if they get the job done?

Well until I get something more interesting to talk about, I hope you enjoyed this short list of projects. Just makes you wonder............... WTF?

If you haven't noticed the Song of the Week button on the sidebar, please check it out! This week's song is Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton, what a talented singer/songwriter he is!! I cannot get the song out of my head.........

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Daybreak*Dawning said...

Gotta get me one of those laptop sweaters! Quirk