Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mom is 75!

This week marked my mother's 75th birthday! We had a big party for her and she didn't suspect a thing until we all shouted "Surprise!" Here is a picture of her birthday cake. We had a picture from her Army days over 50 years ago put on the cake and it came out just lovely!

Isn't that a beatiful WAC?

Here is a shot of her with 2 granddaughters at her sides and 2 sisters behind her. That is my daughter Josie on the right, and Jessica on the left.

Here is a shot of four sisters. From left to right, Mom (Clarice), 75; Norma, 81; Doris, 76 and Pearl, 79. I apologize profusely if I got any of their ages wrong. Also still living are 2 other sisters, Margie and Barbara, both in nursing homes now and unable to come to the party, and a brother Roger who also couldn't make it.

Gary and I took Ma and her significant other, Rudy, on a trip to Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire last week as a birthday present. The Castle is actually a beautiful home built onto the side of a mountain. It was built in 1913 for Thomas Plant, a shoe magnate originally from Bath, Maine. It was called "Lucknow" by Tom and his wife Olive, but didn't prove to be that lucky for them. Mr. Plant lost all of his millions in the stock market crash and the home had to be sold. The home is now available for the public to tour at a small fee.

Here is a picture that I took of the front entrance.

Here we are in the back yard that overlooks the Lake Winnepasaukee region of New Hampshire. From left to right are me, Rudy and my mom.

After touring the Castle we sit outside the front entrance waiting for the trolley bus to pick us back up and take us to the parking lot.

Well I hope Mom enjoyed her 75th birthday as much as I did! Until we chat again........

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Daybreak*Dawning said...

Hey, Joan took me to the Castle in the Clouds ;-) Great Party! KalamaQuilts