Friday, January 25, 2008

Actual Knitting Content

I have finished my Christmas socks, much too late for Christmas of course. And by next year they will probably be plum worn through, *sigh*.

I can't take a decent picture for the life of me, the colors in this picture are really washed out. The yarn is STR Grinchy in lightweight, the pattern is Jeweled Steps from the New Pathways for Sock Knitters book by Cat Bordhi. Well, they are nice and cozy, but didn't the colors pool in a very odd way? That one big chunk of olive on the left foot just enchants me. Am I the only knitter who loves it when the colors in hand painted yarn started to pool? Every single row around I find myself pleased as punch when the same color piles up on itself, and disheartened when it stops.

I have also finished a pair of Fetchings fingerless gloves in a wonderful Cashmere/Silk blend. I poo-pooed at the idea of fingerless gloves in a state as cold as Maine, but I have found them to be indispensable for keeping warm INSIDE this freezing house... And surprisingly, I have worn them several times while driving and found that once the car warms up they really are enough. I love them so much that I have started a pair of Dashings (longer fingerless gloves) in Black Merino/Silk by Rowan yarns. One done, one to go!

The moebious scarf is still being punished, standing in the corner until it promises to be a good project. Still waiting. I have also started an Ice Queen head covering, from the cover of this month's Knitty, in a lace weight mohair. I think I will love it....

The Noro socks are really small, I am turning the heel anyway to see if I can get it onto my foot afterwards. I think it would be my first sock with negative ease, we will see. These are the Firestarter pattern.

Gary and I are leaving next Wednesday for our annual trip to Florida. I absolutely cannot wait to warm up. I am hoping to be able to blog from there, and show our vacation pics before coming home. We will see if that works out! And now, back to heel turning...

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