Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Soundtrack of My Life...

was written by the Wiggles. They haunt my dreams, my nightmares, my every waking moment. It started about 3 or 4 years ago when I used to watch my granddaughter Savannah 2 days a week. Even as a 1 year old, she came alive when the Wiggles sang to her. I believe the first song she could sing with me was "Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy". We learned all the songs together and sang them with gusto. She's five now, in daycare, I don't see her as often. But now I have granddaughter Kaylee 2 or 3 days a week and she loves them too. We watch them and dance and sing along at our very own Wiggly Parties.

My obsession then progressed to the lesser known of the Wiggle songs, such as "Havenu Shalom Alechem", "Di Diddy Di Dum" and "Hoop De Doo", finding myself humming them while folding laundry and doing dishes. Then I began spending all my time backing up the Tivo repeatedly to learn all the words to "Move Your Arms Like Henry" in Mandarin Chinese or Monkey Dance in Spanish with the Mariachi Wiggles... I kept wondering if I am the only woman in my age group with this obsession... yikes what is wrong with me...

Now I can't put my coat on to go outside without singing "I'm gonna make a racket till I get to wear the jacket!" And I can't cook without singing "I've baked your favorite chocolate cake, I put it in the oven and I watched it bake, I didn't forget, I didn't forget, it's your birthday today!"
My husband is a little jealous about my particular fascination with blue-shirted Anthony Wiggle, but the longer I watch, the better red-shirted Murray is starting to look, I don't know why.

Well Kaylee came over yesterday. I said "Shall we watch the Wiggles?" with a hopeful look on my face. She said "No Grammy. I want to watch Dora." DORA????!!!!! I whined, I moaned, I cried my best fake tears, but she was adamant. No Wiggles for Grammie. Well I showed her. I refused to sing "I'm the Map" with her!
I wonder if Baby Heustyn will like the Wiggles?

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