Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It happened like this....

First we had a snowstorm. Now this is normal in our neck of the woods, it happens every year. Several times a year in fact. Not surprising at all. As you can see, we got a good amount, between 6 to 8 inches I would estimate. Not surprising at all.
Well, a few days later it snowed again. This is still normal, as I said, it happens every year, not surprising, not alarming, but really not that welcome either. We already had snow. What use did we have for more? Now we had at least a foot, maybe more.

Now this is when it begins to get interesting. Normally, we have a snowstorm, then a few days later we get a thaw, some of it melts, driveways get cleared, roadsides look dirty and unappealing. But this hasn't happened yet, and then, we get a third snowstorm!!! Will you look at that? Where are the benches to sit at the picnic table? Gone! This is really getting interesting...

And now, may I present to you the results of snowstorm number four without a good melt yet:

You can barely see a picnic table at all! All we need is one more good snow and the table will be gone! Do you think we will make it? I'm really hoping so now, I am having fun documenting the disappearance of backyard picnics forever!

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Wednesday said...

I have to say - your entry has brought great joy to me today! Thanks! I am happy that you are sharing.... Em