Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Finished Project!

These socks are for my daughter Jessica for Christmas. They are the Flow Motion socks from the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock book. I really hate the way the tops flare out away from the leg. I was not happy with the pattern either because it was riddled with errors. First off, they never said to double strand the yarn, which was obvious from the picture and the needle size. The chart had an error, and the heel turn directions were SO messed up. Now how on earth can a major company like Vogue call something the "Ultimate" sock book when it is full of errors? The other pattern I started to make also had errors and I gave up in disgust. I understand that all of these patterns have been published previously in Vogue Knitting magazine, and they were chosen to be in the "Ultimate" sock book. So didn't anyone knit them when they were published in the magazine? Couldn't they find the errors from the test knitters and the knitters who bought the magazines? Then why could they not fix these patterns before publishing the "Ultimate" sock book? The Vogue Knitting website has been down ever since the book came out. I think they must be hiding their heads in shame!!!! End of rant. Sorry. The socks will be warm, but I will never knit socks double stranded again. I had to buy a second ball of yarn (which makes these almost a $36 pair of socks) and I don't even know if they will fit inside her shoes. Anyway they finished.

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