Saturday, November 10, 2007


I had my dear sweet 2 year old granddaughter Kaylee overnight last night. That is always an experience! Here she is dancing to her favorite song, "Gone Gone Gone" by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss. As soon as the song is over, she shouts "More Gone Gone Gone Grammy!! More Gone Gone Gone!" Cutest thing ever.

So I go into the bedroom where she was sleeping this morning because I thought I heard her stirring, and there she is sitting cross legged in her bed stark naked. She had removed her blanket sleeper AND HER DIAPER and when she looked up and saw me she quietly said "Oh no." I couldn't stop laughing. And I was sincerely thankful that her diaper was only wet. This time.

Well later I was emptying out my knitting bag when she spotted the row counter necklace I had made, and asked to put it on. Who can resist that little face. She even said pease. So I let her try it on, and she pulled on it so she could see the beads near her face and the thread snapped. Beads went flying EVERYWHERE! Her little mouth popped open, she looked at me accusingly, and said, "Grammy!! You broke it!!!" I broke it? How cute is that. She got down on her little hands and knees with my husband and I all scrambling around picking up what seemed like thousands of little beads. Well she had to go home after lunch, but lucky me, tomorrow my oldest granddaughter Ashleigh is coming to visit. The joy never ends.

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