Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Finished the Quilt!

I have been working night and day and I have finally finished the quilt for Savannah for Christmas. Now I am writing a book of I Spy poems to go with the quilt, here is a sample poem:

I spy a kiwi, some eggs and some cherries,
An ice cream sundae and fresh strawberries!
A blue plate special, a birthday cake,
Some peanuts, some pickles and
A roast beef to bake!

I spy a wish list, flamingos, and holly,
A tiny pink dress to fit a paper dolly.
I spy el Apache and a big red tepee
A man driving a car,
Oh where can he be?

It took quite a while to do all the quilting, which I did as zigzags all the way down each diagonal pink stripe. I hope this picture will show what I mean...

I am having so much fun with this project! I am hoping that she will have her mom read her a poem each night at bedtime and she can look for the items as she drifts off to sleep.

Here is a picture of the label I put on the back in the lower right hand corner.

I have also finished a knitted hat for granddaughter Kaylee, the pattern is the Shining Star Hat by Kate Gilbert. I used Bamboozle yarn, which has a high percentage of bamboo fiber in the yarn. I didn't really like working with it because of the stretch, which created constant tensioning problems. Also the holes tended to close up and hide the pretty star pattern unless you stretch the hat right out, here I have it stretched over a coffee can. I think her little head will be big enough to showcase the pattern well.

Back to writing poems...

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